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Just who does she think she is?

Working in the design field for 25+ years my portfolio and skills are vast.

I am original, I am advanced and ahead of everyone else by constantly researching what is up and coming. 


Human beings are essentially emotional beings, so appealing to them only at an intellectual level normally does not prove to be the most effective. That is where the work of amazing graphic design skills comes in. I will add more life to the underlining message and that is how the message gets to sell. The designs are able to do more persuasion than a thousand words is able to.

Product Research

One of Steve Jobs’s famous quotes is “It isn’t the consumers job to know what they want”. That is where I come in. I have participated in and run focus groups all over North America. Product research is one of the important part of

making you stand out from the rest.


Your Brand is the core of your Business. No matter if you are a sole trader or a multinational company, it is a critical factor to get right to be successful.

There are many reasons an organization or a municipality would rebrand – and many ways to tackle it. I have the right processes and the right mindset to do so. I understand the key pieces to a corporate rebrand that is critical to developing a successful message to your audience.

Logo Design

Not just a logo.

When I give a company a new brand identity, I am breathing new life into every one of its different parts. Logos are my expertises. I have designed 

100s of them. I know what works. I also have exceptional knowledge around good quality fonts. 

Clothing Design

A cool brand is one that builds a lifestyle. 

Brands come and go but sustainable brands always keep it fresh without deviating from their DNA. When a customer gets hooked on a given brand, they want to move along with it but they also want to look current. I have worked with clothing brands and  also have my own.

Social Media

Businesses today need to be active on social media in order to retain customers and drive more sales. We live in a world where social media is now the X factor between you and your competitors. My services help you maximize what your social media can do, so that you can rise above the competition.

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